The Consulting & Engineering Dirninger GmbH is an engineering company for engineering and welding technology with a focus on pressure equipment.


We have many years’ experience in international engineering and manufacturing of pressure equipment.

Our service includes:

  • Engineering, design and manufacturing of pressure equipment and systems in accordance with current European standards as well as the ASME Code
  • Execution your projects from tender to final preparation
  • Advice in creating your specifications
  • Audits of your suppliers to decrease your purchased components according to rules or order specification
  • Execution or control of non-destructive material testing
  • Accompanying construction and installation supervision in accordance with an agreed set of rules or construction and installation monitoring program
  • System documentation and inventories
  • Performing risk analysis, creating a catalogue of measures and guidance in establishing testing and monitoring under the self-monitoring and implementation of these activities

This listing is only a short excerpt from our wide range. Please get in contact with us for details.



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